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When I first decided I would go into psychology many years ago, it was because I wanted to assist others to flourish: to become their strongest, happiest selves. The negative focus of working as a therapist therefore never really sat well with me, and I felt that something was missing in counselling, that I could be doing more. 

Finding positive psychology was a dream come true for me, because finally the focus was on moving forward. On growth. 

I loved it so much I moved countries to study a Masters degree in the topic.

Positive growth is what my clients tend to want: the chance to hope for a happy future, and the tools to be effective in achieving it. Chances are, it's what you want, too.

Positive psychology is solutions-focused, so in coaching we work towards positive change. Together, we will explore your goals and then work out a plan of action to get you there. Every technique I use is based on psychological research, so I can tell you exactly why it works, and even the biggest cynic can expect results. Since positive psychology is strength-based, you'll get a firm understanding of what you're already doing right, and how to do more of that in the areas you feel not-so-strong.

"Kirsti is a wonderful coach with a talent for guiding you with clarity, calm, and positivity through complicated decisions... I have done this type of work before but it felt much more effortless, effective, and joyful with Kirsti. In our sessions, I felt a sense of ease because of Kirsti’s ability to guide me with her gentle demeanor, positive energy, and her excellent ability to highlight and synthesize important findings. I left our sessions with a significantly greater sense of clarity and purpose.


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Please note that coaching is best to work towards a specific goal. If you'd like to go deeper and develop a more positive perspective overall, I recommend you consider The Positive Perspective Course. We can always discuss this further during our discovery call if you're unsure what's right for you - it's up to you.


Coaching sessions are 1 hour each at a cost of £70 per session (get 15% off if you purchase a 3-session up-front package = £179). Sessions are delivered online via Skype or Zoom.

Find out if PositiveEQ coaching is right for you (and if I'm the right coach for you) by booking a complimentary

discovery call with me.

Training & Qualifications

MSc Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology

BHons Counselling Psychology

BSocSci Psychology

I am trained to deliver the following:

  • Strength-based coaching

  • Narrative coaching

  • Evidence-based wellbeing and emotional intelligence interventions

  • Mindfulness training

  • Person-centred counselling

  • Cognitive-behavioural therapy

London, UK

 Worldwide via Skype


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