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Emotional Intelligence Life Coaching

Finding Positive Psychology, the science of wellbeing and resilience, was a dream come true for me. Finally, the focus was on moving forward. On growth. Here were practical, proven ways to feel calmer, more content, and more joyful... I loved it so much I moved to London to study a Master's degree in the topic. 

To move forward is what my clients tend to want: to know how to get unstuck when stress, fear, and negative thoughts are holding you back. To free their anxious mind and find their way back to calm, contentment, and joy within this moment; to create the space to feel excited and hopeful about all that's to come. To find a beautiful balance between being fair to others, and still valuing themselves.


Chances are, that's what you want, too.

Positive psychology is solutions-focused, so in coaching we work towards positive change. Together, we will explore your goals and then work out a plan of action to get you there. Since positive psychology is strength-based, you'll get a firm understanding of what you're already doing right, and how to do more of that in the areas you feel not-so-strong. 


Every technique I use is grounded in psychological research, so I can tell you exactly why it works and, even if you think you've tried everything, I'm confident you'll see results. I've worked with hundreds of clients and students, from people who are experiencing anxiety and depression, to those who just want to step off the emotional rollercoaster and gain control again, and every time I walk away believing in the power of emotional intelligence even more than I did before.


Hi, I'm Kirsti.

When I first decided I would go into psychology many years ago, it was because I wanted to assist others to flourish: to become their calmest, most content, most resilient selves. The negative focus of working as a therapist therefore never really sat well with me, and I felt that something was missing in counselling, that I could be doing more. 

"Kirsti is a wonderful coach with a talent for guiding you with clarity, calm, and positivity through complicated decisions... I have done this type of work before but it felt much more effortless, effective, and joyful with Kirsti. In our sessions, I felt a sense of ease because of Kirsti’s ability to guide me with her gentle demeanor, positive energy, and her excellent ability to highlight and synthesize important findings. I left our sessions with a significantly greater sense of clarity and purpose.


I am qualified to Master's level as a coaching psychologist (MAPPCP).

Formal Training & Qualifications

Masters of Science in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology 

Bachelor of Honours in Counselling Psychology

Bachelor of Social Science in Psychology & English Literature

I am trained to deliver the following modalities of coaching:

  • Positive Psychology coaching

  • Strength-based coaching

  • Narrative coaching

  • Evidence-based wellbeing and emotional intelligence interventions

  • Mindfulness training

  • Person-centred counselling

  • Cognitive-behavioural coaching


Strength Discovery Session, 1.5 hours £112

Is there an area of your life in which you would like to feel more motivated, energised, more effective, and just generally happier? Or a goal you'd like to achieve? Prior to this session, you'll complete an evidence-based strengths assessment to uncover what naturally motivates you. We will then work together in session to apply your strengths to either improve your chosen area or to help you progress towards your goal.

3 Session Focus Area Package, £225

Spend a month improving a specific aspect of your emotional intelligence. It's your choice as to what area you would like to focus on; some ideas include overcoming negative thinking, boosting self-discipline & productivity, developing resilience, improving self-belief, shifting anxiety, strengthening relationships, and many more. I'm also happy to guide you regarding what to focus on. Sessions are 1 hour each.

6 Session Deep Dive Package £382 (15% off)

Spend 2 months diving deep into different aspects of you emotional intelligence, focusing specifically on those that would be most helpful to you personally. Our six sessions together would begin with a 1-hour strengths discovery session, which lays the foundation to improve your mindset, wellbeing and resilience.

10 Session Transformation Package £600 (20% i.e. £150 off)

This package is right for you if you'd like to transform your emotional intelligence on all levels. Over the course of three months, we'll take a multi-level approach to helping you develop a more positive mindset, build resilience to life's challenges, enhance self-belief and productivity, and experience more joy. The specific sessions will be tailored to you personally, though we'll begin with a 1-hour strength discovery session as a foundation. I strongly recommend this package for individuals experiencing frequent anxiety and negative thought patterns.


Not sure you can afford it? Working during the day?


Did you know? Many employers now offer their employees a "personal development budget" which they may spend on coaching sessions and other training. I have had several clients who were surprised to find that HR willingly paid for a full package of coaching sessions. This is especially the case when the coach is qualified to Master's level.


Employers are often also supportive of completing these sessions during work hours, and may even provide use of a private meeting room in which you can attend your sessions remotely. All of this makes sense, as coaching benefits employee productivity. There is ample research showing this to be the case with emotional intelligence. Why not ask your company if this is an option for you?

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