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2020 End of Year Reflection

2020 is drawing to a close in just a couple weeks, and many of us are eager to leave it behind.

What a year, right?

But before we cross into 2021, let's take the chance to acknowledge the journey we’ve come on and reflect on all the things we've learned along the way with some 2020 end of year reflection questions -- so we can uncover more joy, peace, and courageous action towards our goals next year.

Grab a pen and choose a few questions to journal on.

2020 end of year reflection questions:

  1. What habits brought a sense of peace or calm to my life this year?

  2. What brought joy or happiness to my life this year?

  3. What relationships do I feel grateful to have had this year?

  4. What am I proud of myself for having done this year?

  5. In what way am I more resilient now than when I began this year?

  6. In what way do I feel clearer about what I want for my life, career, and/or relationships?

  7. What challenges did I overcome, or begin to overcome, this year?

  8. What is one lesson I learned this year?

For me, this year was a lesson in presence and the acceptance of uncertainty (a lifelong journey), of coming home to what’s important, and of being gentle with myself in moments of longing, worry, or loneliness.

And those are definitely learnings I want to take forward with me into 2021.

What about you?

Let me know what you uncover in your 2020 end of year reflection.


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