• Kirsti Gwynn

Goals: How to Stay Motivated and Be More Disciplined

Achieving your goals takes effort, motivation, and self-discipline – and sometimes, that’s hard to find.

Maybe you start our excited about your goal, full of energy and enthusiasm, only to find that you run out of steam.

So what can you do to boost motivation and be more disciplined?

One of the main problems when it comes to goal-setting is that we frame our goals incorrectly. Without realizing it, we set goals in a way that makes them feel unachievable and overwhelming.

Personally, when I feel overwhelmed or confused about how to get to my goal, my motivation just vanishes.

In its place is fear, and it holds me back.

In the previous blog, I spoke about the power of reframing your goals as desires, rather than expectations.

Here’s another shift you can make:

Change your goal from an outcome to a learning goal.