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How to Enjoy Christmas More

Here are 3 perspectives to keep in mind to enjoy Christmas more this year.

enjoy Christmas more

1. Be Open

When we hold rigid expectations about how things "should" go, we’re more likely to end up disappointed. Perhaps your Christmas doesn’t feel like it matches up to those you see on social media, or you’re having to celebrate virtually this year.

By keeping your expectations open, you’ll find you’re able to prevent getting caught in a cycle of comparison or "I wish...". You'll be able to go with the flow and enjoy yourself more - even if it isn’t quite the day you pictured.

2. Be Kind

Studies show that doing an act of kindness is one of the most effective ways to boost your own mood. Kindness also triggers an upward spiral, paving the way to other feel-good feelings like love and gratitude.

By approaching the day from a mindset of giving, you’ll find yourself feeling calmer and more connected. Perhaps you decide to send a gift to a friend who’s alone this Christmas, or to include them via video call.

And if you are spending Christmas alone this year, or find this time of year difficult? Turning your focus to helping others, for example through volunteering, can help you to feel more connected.

3. Be Appreciative

Going into any situation from a mindset of appreciation means you’re focused on finding what’s good. From that perspective, you’re much less likely to get hung up on small irritations, and much more likely to enjoy Christmas more.

Why not mention to that friend how nice it is that they made time to call, or include a note of gratitude on each of your Christmas cards?

Wishing you a joyful journey into the New Year.


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