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Why Enjoying Food is Important for Good Health

Guest interview: Molly Courtney of LOVE Health Coaching

Hello, healthy food choices.

If you're someone who values your nutritional health and wants to enjoy a good meal while nourishing your body and mind, this interview special is for you.

I loved getting together with Love Health Coach Molly Courtney to chat about how we can really get the most out of what we put into our bodies.

Some of the surprising things you'll hear us speak about:

  • Why "one size fits all" diets set you up to fail

  • The simple perspective that can make your health habits more sustainable

  • How WHAT you eat isn't nearly as important as HOW you eat it

Find out more about LOVE Health Coaching here:

Let us know in the comments what action you're going to take to apply one of Molly's insights and set yourself up to get the most benefit out of your food.

Here's to your health and happiness!


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