All talks are interactive, in that they invite individuals to apply the learning through sharing with a partner, completing a written activity, or creating a resource for personal use.


Talks are available for sixth-form colleges and schools (age 16+), universities, and businesses or charities in London. Delivered on the premises.



How to Overcome Self-Doubt and Believe in Yourself

30 mins


This talk helps you to apply the concept of growth mindset more easily, to shift your focus to what you can control, and to develop an optimistic thinking style. Design three ‘resilience cards’ to help yourself respond more effectively to experiences of rejection, criticism and failure in the moment.



How to Bounce Back from Negative Experiences

30 mins


Learn three key science-based strategies for dealing with negative life events, from small disappointments to major disruptions. The focus is two-part: building resilience to life’s challenges, and coping with them as they occur.




How to Find Your Happiness Within Yourself

30 mins


How do we move away from defining ourselves by what other people think or external achievements, and take ownership of our happiness? In this talk, learn to redefine success, build a strong sense of self-worth, and make the most of positive experiences.

Self-Worth and Social Media

30 mins





Workshop: Discover Your Strengths, Clarify Your Purpose & Achieve Your Goals

45 - 60 mins


Learn what your strengths are and how to use them to help to decide what you would like to achieve going forward. Then apply a goal-setting strategy, incorporating your strengths, to help you to be more consistent in taking action towards your goals.




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