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The Positive EQ

Manifesto for Living Fully

This is your life. You want to live and love fully. To thrive, not just survive. You’ve let go of “being positive” in favour of a gentle sense of contentment and inner calm. You find the joy in the everyday. You know it’s in the little things: a warm cup of tea, a laugh with a friend, a walk through nature. You seek out life’s beauty. You zoom in on the good, appreciating each moment as it unfolds. You hold fast to your sense of “enoughness”. You lead with kindness and fairness. Your values guide you in all you do. You show up honestly and generously with others. Through it all, you remain true to yourself. Sometimes, you veer off course. But you know this is part of being human. You stay accountable and open to learn. Your kindness and fairness include, always, yourself. You move forward with courage. You don’t believe in staying stuck. This is your life, and you choose to live it with purpose and intention. Often, it’s scary. But you stay open. You take it one step at a time. You trust in the process and have faith in yourself. You know there is nothing braver than going all in when there are no guarantees. You breathe through the hard times. Everything you feel is allowed. You know emotions can be the wisest teachers. You learn and grow through the dark times. You celebrate the light. This is how, one day, you’ll look back and know you really lived.

Copyright (c) 2020 Kirsti Gwynn

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