• Kirsti Gwynn

3 Reasons Why Self-Care is Not Selfish

self-care is not selfish

Have you ever struggled with taking time to yourself because it just feels… selfish?

Maybe you know you really need the afternoon off, but your list of all the other things you “should” do feels long.

Perhaps it feels impossible to find the time between everything else on your plate.

It could be that you’re used to putting others first, and by now that habit feels pretty ingrained.

You know you want to do more of the things that will make you happy, like go for a walk in the forest, read a good book, or watch a funny film, but you also want to be a good friend, or partner, or parent… and choosing self-care sometimes feels like the selfish choice.

But what if self-care wasn't something to feel guilty about, but rather the key to feeling and being your best self in all of those areas?

Here are 3 reasons self-care is not selfish at all:

1. You’ll have more to give to those you love

It’s common to feel that other people should come first, and to feel guilty for spending time on ourselves -- but consider that taking care of yourself actually benefits those close to you.

All relationships require patience, consideration, and kindness, and when you’re taking good care of yourself, the reality is that those things are easier to come by.

I know that when I’m feeling exhausted or burned out, I’m much more likely to take something the wrong way or to get irritated easily, and I’m certainly less fun to be around.

But if I’ve just listened to my favourite podcast, spent 10 minutes playing with the cat, or gone for a cycle around Hyde Park? Then it’s much more likely you’ll find me with a smile on my face, making a silly joke, or patiently helping out.

When I’m taking good care of myself and making enjoying myself a priority, I have the energy to be the kind of partner, friend, and coach I really want to be.

Put like that, self-care doesn't feel selfish at all. Quite the opposite.

I’m curious: when you take great care of yourself, who (other than you) benefits?

2. You’ll be less dependent on other people