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What People Say

"I would highly recommend her to anyone wishing to gain a new perspective on life and how to respond to all the challenges that it throws at you. Her unique approach that focuses on using your strengths is something that really stood out for me... Kirsti teaches you valuable skills that will keep you floating.


"This was the next step to developing my personal growth and overcoming personal challenges. Previous visits to psychotherapists were bent on delving into the past continuously which left me exhausted, and I experienced no headway in coming to terms with the situations I had to deal with. A friend of mine suggested I contact Kirsti.  From the first consultation I was motivated, and was encouraged by the progress I made over the following few weeks. What really impressed me the most was how Kirsti had the knack of coaching me as an individual, and not by a set of norms I had previously experienced in the past.


"Kirsti is a brilliant coach and trainer. Beginning with a strengths assessment and then continuing with her assistance at putting it into action in my life has improved my basic outlook on the world around me. We have identified not only strengths but also areas in need for improvement. Through her mentoring and positive support I grew in my strengths and also become more positive. Thanks Kirsti for the positive impact that you have made on my life.


Kirsti is a wonderful coach with a talent for guiding you with clarity, calm, and positivity through complicated decisions... I have done this type of work before but it felt much more effortless, effective, and joyful with Kirsti. In our sessions, I felt a sense of ease because of Kirsti’s ability to guide me with her gentle demeanor, positive energy, and her excellent ability to highlight and synthesize important findings. I left our sessions with a significantly greater sense of clarity and purpose.


"Kirsti is an inspiration to living a life full of meaning, purpose, and enjoyment.  She is extremely positive, passionate about bringing the best in people... she shaped my EQ coaching understanding and helped me get in tune with myself and with others, and she has done it all while making me feel comfortable with the process.


"Kirsti's talk combined heart, passion, practical tools, experience and theoretical input in a way that was interactive, engaging and inspirational.

To quote Maya Angelou: "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel". Our counsellors at Lifeline are still talking about and implementing their learnings from Kirst's presentation in both their personal and professional lives, and yearning for more.

Kirsti exuberates a gentle warmth and humbleness, as well as the ability to share and facilitate growth, and remind us of our resilience as human beings. Her training was a gem in our calendar and we hope to have the privilege of receiving her gifts in the future.

Lifeline Counselling Centre

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