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Are you looking for a keynote talk that will leave you feeling positive about the future and excited to take action? Then one of my emotional intelligence sessions might be perfect for you.
I am a qualified Coaching Psychologist and Emotional Intelligence Specialist. My talks bring together a mix of storytelling, fascinating research, and practical application to inspire audiences to feel their best - so they can do their best.


"Kirsti's talk combined heart, passion, practical tools, experience and theoretical input in a way that was interactive, engaging and inspirational.

To quote Maya Angelou: "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel". Our counsellors at Lifeline are still talking about and implementing their learnings from Kirsti's presentation in both their personal and professional lives, and yearning for more.

Kirsti exuberates a gentle warmth and humbleness, as well as the ability to share and facilitate growth, and remind us of our resilience as human beings. Her training was a gem in our calendar and we hope to have the privilege of receiving her gifts in the future.

Lifeline, Jhb

The Emotional Intelligence Key


How you feel affects everything you do. Research shows that even small amounts of stress reduce access to the brain system involved in making good decisions, problem-solving, and exercising self-discipline: all the skills we most need at work.


In this session,  Kirsti shows how emotional intelligence is the key both to doing our best work and enjoying our lives more. Attendees will learn 3 practical strategies to reduce stress and unlock more motivation, self-discipline, and productivity at work.


Offered as a 60-minute talk with Q&A, or a 90-minute interactive workshop.

The Power of Changing Perspective


The human brain focuses on the negative more than the positive and has the tendency to get used to any good situation when we continue to experience it. So how can we stay happy? How can we continue to feel motivated at work and positive about life in general? 


In this session, Kirsti provides 3 actionable ways to change perspective and feel happier, developed around the 3 key areas of happiness identified by psychological research. Attendees will be more confident in their ability to achieve their goals at work, feel more motivated and purposeful, and be able to access more peace and joy in each moment.


Offered as a 60-minute talk with Q&A, or 90-minute interactive workshop.

Busy-Season Stress Relief


Busy-season can be a time of stress and overwhelm for many employees. With the pressure of meeting deadlines and targets, many struggle to feel "on top of things" and may even find their wellbeing suffers either during or following these periods.


In this session, Kirsti teaches some stress-relief strategies that are quick to apply (each taking 2-5 minutes or less) when work is busy. Attendees will leave feeling more confident maintaining their wellbeing during busy periods at work.

Offered as a 60-minute talk with Q&A, or 90-minute interactive workshop.

Mindfulness in Work and Life


Are you feeling stressed out and distracted? Mindfulness offers us a way to feel more peaceful and present within the context of our busy lives.


In this session, Kirsti introduces attendees to the concept of mindfulness and guides them to embed mindfulness practice into their daily lives both at work and at home. Attendees will learn how mindfulness can be applied to effectively reduce stress and overwhelm, improve energy levels, and maintain a positive work-life balance.


Offered as a 60-minute taster session, or a 5-week intensive course delivered in weekly 1-hour sessions.

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership


People don’t leave jobs: they leave managers. Emotional intelligence plays a key role in helping managers to create an environment where employees feel safe to be creative, and motivated to put their best foot forward.


In this session, managers are introduced to the concept of psychological safety and guided to consider how it can be applied with their teams to facilitate growth, productivity, and employee wellbeing. Attendees will also be made aware of how to spot the signs of an employee who may be experiencing a decline in their mental health.

Offered as a 2-hour interactive workshop with Q&A.

Social Media and Self-Worth

Schools, sixth-form colleges, and universities only.

Numerous studies have indicated that social media can have a detrimental effect on mental health and self-esteem. Children and teenagers growing up in the digital age experience a world where they are constantly comparing themselves to one another and rating the value of themselves and their lives based on what they see online. In this talk, students will learn key strategies to maintain healthy self-worth even in the context of social media, as well as how they can create positive, practical boundaries around social media use.

Emotional Intelligene Key
Power of Changing Persective
Busy-Season Stress Relief
Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
Social Media & Self-Worth

"I thought your guidance through the modules was great and I enjoyed your obvious interest in all the subject matter. Everything we discussed was interesting and you imparted tools that help better ourselves, which is fantastic. I highly recommend the workshop. It was informative, personally and professionally. It helped foster stronger relationships within our team and gave us tools to be more productive, happy people and employees.

Lampost Photographic Agency [customised workshop]

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