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Understanding Anxiety During Coronavirus

If you've experienced an increase in anxiety over the last several weeks, you're not alone. So I wanted to take a moment to share with you why anxiety typically increases, and why it may have increased specifically over this period.

The area in your brain responsible for creating anxiety and negative thoughts (we'll call it "the protective system") is triggered when certain criteria are met:

1. Things feel unpredictable

The protective system likes things to be predictable, but it's likely most of your common routines have changed.

2. The future is uncertain

Certainty keeps the protective system calm, but right now, we’re facing a lot of uncertainty as to how the future will look.

3. You don't seem to be in control

Finally, the protective system likes you to be in control, but you've likely felt helpless at times.

So everything going on with Coronavirus is naturally going to trigger a lot of anxiety. That anxiety serves a purpose in that your protective system is trying to keep you safe. It’s useful to the point that it will likely prompt you to follow government guidelines and do your part to keep people safe, and stay safe yourself, but...

After a certain point, the anxiety becomes unhelpful.

The truth is, we aren’t totally in control and we can’t predict the future - and worrying about it only hurts us instead of helps us. As you may know, I've just released an online course on dealing with anxiety and negative thoughts during this time.  Everything that I teach in my online course is designed to calm this brain system and provide a sense of safety, so you’re able to feel calmer through the changes and challenges that you’re facing. But here's the really good news...

The strategies I teach in this course are not only applicable to this situation. They're useful for ANY kind of anxiety - and you can use them for the rest of your life!

The course includes the ability to ask me questions if you ever get stuck, and includes a whole section on creating habits, so you can be sure you apply what you've learned. Plus, it's exceptionally affordable. For something that you'll have lifetime access to and tools you'll be able to carry with you forever, it's really a steal. As BB King wisely said, "The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you." View the course here.


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