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A 10-week course that will transform your outlook, and your life.

Calm. Content. Courageous.

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An emotional intelligence programme that combines the practical learning of a course with the support of coaching.

I'm Kirsti, an emotional intelligence enthusiast committed to helping you to feel calm and content, so you can live with greater courage.


In the PositiveEQ course, we'll work together (one-on-one) to calm your anxiety, build your self-esteem, and develop your resilience.


I hold an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching from the University of East London, UK.

Last course of 2019 begins week of September 30th. Enrolment opens soon.

~ Syllabus ~

1 hour per session, delivered in person in London or online via Skype.

Week 1 | Discover Your Personal Strengths

Research shows that individuals who often use their strengths are up to 18 times more likely to have "flourishing" wellbeing than those who don't, so we begin our journey with a scientific strengths assessment and insight session. Knowing your strengths will help you to feel clear about who you are and what’s important to you, so you can stay true to yourself. You'll also learn how to use your strengths to increase motivation and energy. 


Week 2 | Find Your Happiness within Yourself

In this session, you’ll learn how to develop the kind of happiness that comes from within and feel more secure within yourself. Understand why negative emotions can get in the way of being yourself, and how you can tap into a sense of presence, calm, and positivity instead.


Week 3 | Change Your Mindset

This session will help you to feel more content with where you are in life so far, to let go of comparing yourself to others, and to believe in yourself enough to move forward on your goals. We’ll go deeper than individual limiting thoughts and beliefs, and instead look at how you can shift into a more resilient way of thinking as a whole.


Week 4 | Stop Worrying and Feel More Hopeful

Building on last week's session, you’ll learn to exercise greater control over your negative thoughts (worrying about what people think, taking things so personally, stressing about the future etc). Practice a technique to calm yourself down when you feel anxious and learn a way to shift your own perspective to feel calmer. All of this will help you to stop avoiding what makes you anxious and find the courage to take action.


Week 5 | Accept Yourself

So much of this course is really about you being able to feel good enough, but in this session we dive into it specifically. How can you be happy with who you are, feel more secure in yourself, and forgive yourself for past mistakes - all while remaining accountable? We’ll look at developing the kind of self-compassion that is genuine and grounded.


Week 6 | Enjoy the Moment You’re In

Have you ever felt like you should be enjoying something, but for some reason you just can’t seem to? In this session, you’ll learn how to connect with the good in your life using a technique that research shows to improve wellbeing, even when there aren’t that many enjoyable experiences.


Week 7 | Process Negative Experiences in a Positive Way

Do you feel confident that you’ll be able to cope if things go wrong? Unfortunately, certain responses to negative experiences can actually make you feel worse. In this session, you’ll discover the key to processing negative experiences in a healthy way that helps you to overcome them and get some good out of them in the process.


Week 8 | Bounce Back from Negative Experiences

Research shows that there are specific things that we can do to speed up the recovery after a negative experience and “bounce back” faster. In this session, you’ll develop a step-by-step recovery plan that you can follow to feel better during a hard time.


Week 9 | Get Clear on Where You’re Going

We bring everything together in this session, to give you a clear sense of direction and purpose going forward. I’ll coach you to uncover your deeper “why” and how you can use this to help you choose goals that leave you feeling fulfilled. 


 Week 10 | OPEN SESSION 

This is an open session where you are free to choose whatever you would like to work on, struggle or strength. There are plenty more techniques to learn than I’ve been able to include in this course! Please note that we may slot this session in at an earlier time if that works better for you.

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Last course of 2019 begins week of September 30th. Enrolment opens soon.

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~ Register your Interest ~


The PositiveEQ course is opening for enrolment soon. Make sure you're on the interest list so we can notify you when it goes live (only subscribers are notified).

In the meantime, you'll receive a free guide to negative thinking.

  • Learn about the 4 main thinking patterns that cause and maintain anxiety

  • Discover they simply aren't true, and what to tell yourself instead

  • Get exclusive access to a 5-day email sequence on how to reduce anxiety and cope better with negative experiences

  • Thereafter, receive once-a-week tips on how to build resilience and feel calm and content

Limited time offer. 

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How Often?

10 one-on-one sessions with Kirsti, delivered weekly (one hour per session).


We can meet in person at our beautiful offices in Islington, London, or online via Skype or Zoom.

Email for 

more information.

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